responsible stewardship of the nation's aging Infrastructure
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Last Modified 7 August 2010
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The Challenge
The Recommended Strategic Process
Best Practices
Important Papers
Accountable Government Initiative
DOE Deferred, Actual, and Required Maintenance Reporting Guidance FY 2010
Fiscal Cancer
FRPC Guidance 2004
FRPC Guidance 2009
GA0 AIMD 97_159R DOD Must Expedite Deffered Maint Reporting
GAO 08_502, Defense Infrastructure
GAO 09_10 Fiscal Exposure to Backlog is Unclear
GAO 1997 Stevens
GAO AIMD 97_103R Deferred Maintenance Reporting Requirements
GAO AIMD 98_127 Financial Audit 1997
GAO AIMD 98_42 Challenges to Deferred Maintenance Reporting
GAO HR 97_5
GAO HR 97_7 High Risk Series_Defense Infrastructure
GAO NSAID 00_111 Management Improvements are Needed
GAO NSAID 97_125 Demolition of Uneeded Buildings Can Avoid Operating Costs
GAO NSAID 99-100 Military Infrastructure Real Property Needs Improvement
GAO NSAID AIMD 97_143 Eliminating Cause Will Eliminate Waste
Impressions and Recommendations
Invest Now in Infrastructure
National Cooperative Highway Research Program Report_551
Obama's Budget
OMB A136_Revised_2009 Financial Reporting Requirements
Shortage of State Road Funding Leaves Upkeep Undone
Statement of Federal Financial Accounting Concepts 1 1993
Statement of Federal Financial Accounting Standards 14 1996
Statement of Federal Financial Accounting Standards 6 1996
Statement of Federal Financial Accounting Standards 6 Definitional Changes 2010
Statement of Federal Financial Accounting Standards 6 Proposed Changes 2010 (draft)
White House Staff Paper 1998

"Condition Assessment in Asset Management," ERDC-CERL SR-08-1 (2008)
"Relative Mission Index Process Guide Draft," USCG 16 March 2007
“Condition Assessment Aspects in Asset Management,” Folz, McKay (2008)
“Deficiency vs. Distress Based Methods for Asset Management: A Primer,” Uzarski, DA (2005)
“Estimating Spillway Gate Risk Using Condition Assessment Data,” Estes, Folz, McKay (2005)
“FM Triage - A Fusion of best Practices,” (2008)
“Infrastructure Condition Standards,” USAF, 1997
“Real Estate and Life Cycle Management,” Aberdeen Group (2007)
“REMR Guide” (2000)
“Understanding Condition Indexes,” Folz, Howdyshell, McKay, (2001)
Alternative Approaches to Baseline Inventory
Building Condition Assessment Best Practices
Building Functionality Assessment, Uzarski, Grussing, Marrano
Comparison of Approaches to Risk Governance 1
Comparison of Approaches to Risk Governance 2
Condition Assessment / Life Cycle Analysis, Clayton (2008)
Cox MORS Traditional RA Lunch Notes
Cox MORS Tutorial
Estimating Risk By Spillway Condition (2005)
Expert Panel Approach to Risk Informed Decision Making
FFC Technical Report #147 Key Performance Indicators
FFC Technical report 141 Deferred Maintenance Reporting for Federal Facilities, 2001
Helping Building Owners Improve Bottom Line
High Performance Public Works, USACE 1995
History of FCI
Incorporating RIDM in Civil Works and Dam Safety
Infrastructure Systems & RIDM
Knowledge Based Inspection Concepts, Uzarski
Managing Risks to the Public
Mission Dependency Indexing
Niehaus and Szikszai, "Risk Informed Decision Making,"
OMB Circular A11, Part 7 Capital Programming Guide
Ottoman, G.R. "Budgeting For Facility M and R Part I," ASCE Journal of Management in Engineering, July/August 1999
Ottoman, G.R. "Budgeting For Facility M and R Part II," ASCE Journal of Management in Engineering, July/August 2000
Teicholz and Evans "Strategic Condition Assessment Modeling,"
USAF Infrastructure Condition Standards
Why OSD Dumped BMAR

"Overcoming Challenges in Federal Facility Investments," ERDC CERL, (2010)
Asset Management Primer” Federal Highway Administration’s Office of Asset Management (FHWA 1999):
“BUILDER® Plus,” UNITY, Inc, (2008)
“Case Study: Capital Asset Planning and Cost Savings,” Clayton, J.B., (2008)
“Mission Centered Maintenance Management,” Antelman (2003)
Asset Lifecycle Model
Comprehensive Asset Management of Water Infrastructure
Deficiency vs. Distress Based Methods for Asset Management, Uzarski
DOE 430.1B Change 1
Executive Order 13327
Investments in Federal Facilities, NRC
May 15 Proposal
Mission-Centered Asset Management
Mission-Centered Maintenance Management
NASA White Paper_ Deferred Maintenance
NASA White Paper_Capital Asset Management
Navy White Paper_ EMS
Notes Re the SECNAV FM Panel Report
SECNAV FM Panel Final Report
USDA Deferred Maintenance Strategy 9 March 1997