responsible stewardship of the nation's aging Infrastructure
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Last Modified 21 August 2010
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The Challenge
The Recommended Strategic Process
Best Practices
How to Achieve Responsible Infrastructure Stewardship
Today’s decision maker can become a Responsible Infrastructure Steward by applying a recognized, generic “Asset Management” strategy, enhanced to support the needs of  responsible stewardship, and equipped with certain, affordable “best practice” techniques and tools.

The enhanced, well-equipped strategy delivers on a continuous basis the information needed to exercise due diligence in allocating scarce resources among the needs of an organization’s aging infrastructure and other, competing needs, as well in the selecting infrastructure repair projects to execute with limited, available funds.

Additionally, the Steward’s decisions and his organization’s interest’s are best served by structuring the strategy to be transparent and auditable and by openly holding the steward accountable for his decisions.